Prone-Specific Adjustments: Dr. John Huffman, DC
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Prone-Specific Adjustments in Lincoln

Prone-Specific Adjustments are Low Impact

Prone-Specific Adjustments in Lincoln, NE: Prone specific is a low impact, gentle chiropractic technique that is hands-on and both pleasant and comfortable to the patient.  Dr. Huffman uses this technique on patients of all ages because of the fact that there is no uncomfortable twisting. This approach moves only the vertebrae that are needed to be moved rather than all of the vertebrae in the spinal region.

Patients new to chiropractic as well as life-long chiropractic patients love the results that are obtained with the prone specific technique. Dr. Huffman has been trained in many chiropractic techniques. The techniques that he has found to get the best results is prone specific. This revolutionary technique is the latest in the industry and is very popular among patients.

Prone-Specific Adjustments Target Specific Vertebrae

Many patients do not realize that there are varying methods and procedures that the chiropractor can use to adjust the vertebrae in the back. Every procedure has its place in the chiropractic field and the prone adjusting technique is just one of several methods the chiropractor might employ. Furthermore, many people also don’t realize that the prone adjusting technique is used to adjust specific vertebrae in the back instead of the spine as a whole. Whereas some techniques adjust every vertebra in the spine, the prone adjusting technique is used to target specific vertebrae that need to move back into place.

The Benefits of Prone-Specific Adjustments at Catalyst Chiropractic

Prone specific adjustments are gentle enough for children through senior patients. If a patient reports symptoms of headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, colic, indigestion or other problems, prone specific chiropractic treatment may help. Chiropractic adjustments are employed to improve the whole-body health. With proper spinal alignment and posture, the body operates as it should. Patients who receive adjustments may experience a better hormone balance, better mood, less pain, and better overall health.

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