Intersegmental Traction in Lincoln: Dr. John Huffman, DC
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Intersegmental Traction in Lincoln

Intersegmental Traction Table Is Gentle & Effective

Intersegmental traction tables gently help reestablish the normal ranges of the body’s spine. Intersegmental traction tables also help facilitate muscle relaxation and reduce muscle spasms. It has been shown that use of an intersegmental traction table greatly accelerates recovery progress from a back injury.

The intersegmental table operates by a dual roller moving up and down the muscles on either side of the spine.  The rolling contact is constant and works electronically.  Intersegmental traction tables are very relaxing and make for a great healing tool.

How Intersegmental Traction Therapy Works

The intersegmental traction table mobilizes the spinal column while simultaneously stretching the ligaments and muscles.  This helps to increase blood flow and oxygen to discs, ligaments and muscles, thereby improving balance, strength and mobility.

Relieve Back Pain Without Surgery

At Catalyst Chiropractic, intersegmental traction is administered through the use of a traction table. That patient lays face up on the table and there are rollers positioned just underneath the surface of the table. These rollers can are adjusted depending on the chiropractic condition and patient’s weight to gently and specifically elongate and stretch the spinal joints and muscles.

The traction therapy helps to reduce muscle spasms and increases the range of motion in the spinal joints and vertebrae. When the muscles become more relaxed and vertebrae begin to move normally, the vertebral discs regain their normal space and can return to their normal position and functioning. This also helps to prevent abnormal wear and tear on the vertebral discs and prevents further injury and reduces the arthritis process.

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